Sunday, December 29, 2013

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All-in-one - Do IT Yourself (DIY) Kit

Design Collections:

  1. Web designing Bundle
    more than 5000 Royalty Free photos, Vista Icons, original professional web templates, PSD templates, Cliparts, HTML designs, Fonts and utility software Tools = Rs. 1000 only
  2. Photo Album Backgrounds/Frames designs
    5000 background designs with PSD for flex banners, video animation background, photoalbum frames for Rs.1000

Data Collections: 
  1. TNPSC, RRB, UPSC Exam Q&A
    All educational materials with model Questions & Answers in soft copy = Rs.500
  2. Technical Certifications
    All Technical online exam Certifications Q&A, ebooks for IT tests like  MCSE, CCNA, DB2, etc in softcopy = Rs.1500
  3. Open Source scripts collection
    more than all 1000 open source sripts bundle which have some best open source web applications but not live now(closed) useful for web development companies = Rs. 1000 only
  4. Resume Database
    more than 3000 CV in different domain most useful for startup jobsites and HR consultancy = Rs. 1500 only
  5. Project Reports
    we have more than 25 project reports on multi domain =Rs.5000 only
  6. Marketing Database
    All business document templates, forms, ebooks, company address, mobile number, website database collections and bulk SMS mobile number in category wise = Rs. 1000

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